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          About Us
          Guangdong Shantou Agricultural Products Wholesale Center and Shantou Long Full & Green Trading Co., Ltd. are the largest agricultural products trading platform in Eastern Guangdong Province. Shantou Long Full & Green Trading Co., Ltd. is in charge of the fruits and vegetables importing and exporting business for the Agricultural Products Wholesale Center.

          Shantou Long Full & Green Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, it is a trading company for importing and exporting produce, mainly engaged in importing fruits business. It has a crack team of professionals with purchasing and marketing, customs clearance and transportation experience, equipped with offices, warehousing, cold storage and other venues and equipments. With sales increasing year by year, the business scale has also been expanding .

          Shantou Long Full & Green Trading Co., Ltd. has been rated as “Large Foreign Trade Enterprise ” for many years by the People’s Government of Longhu District, Shantou City since 2007.

          We sincerely welcome the business people to join us for business and work together for glorious future !
          Trading Platform

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